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MOVEMENT IS THERAPY. Moving with confidence, power and grace is not a condition of youth–it is a condition of USE. So how you move your body through even the most mundane tasks can determine how your body will feel as you age. Will you have aches and pains and will they be chronic? Will you shuffle when you walk, lose your balance easily, stop doing the things you love? Or will you keep a spring in your step, catch your balance well if you’re falling, be resilient against the impact if you don’t? Will you live the way you want as long as you want?

Too often the demands of our jobs, hobbies, illnesses and injuries create layers of tension in our bodies that thwart healthy movement. At O’Day Manual and Movement Therapy, the goal is to build strength, flexibility and balance WITH AWARENESS, learning how to apply all the healthy principles of movement that you learn here to what you do everywhere else.

MOVEMENT IS AGELESS. Our bodies are miracles of design, meant to move with efficiency, stability and broad range of motion–no matter what your age. Many O’Day Manual and Movement Therapy students started making significant, positive changes to the way they move after decades of poor use and chronic pain, some as late as their 70’s. It’s never too late to begin. Try one or all of the many services we offer: Gyrotonic Training, Pilates, Physical Therapy, Performance Therapy, Tai Chi, Strength in Motion® strength and balance training, massage and manual therapy and somatic movement. Choose what you enjoy the most and keep doing it–you can’t go wrong!

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