Movement Therapy

GYROTONIC® Training is the tool of choice at O’Day Manual and Movement Therapy for helping our clients regain dynamic stability. It is therapeutic exercise that emphasizes a healthy spine and reliably reduces chronic pain, developing deep core strength, strong postural muscles and increased joint mobility. It is non-impact, adaptable for all ages and fitness levels, and is particularly good for restoring range of motion and rebuilding strength and flexibility after injury, illness or prolonged lack of activity.

Video by Angela Blumberg, GYROTONIC® Toronto, with permission.

GYROTONIC® Training stresses decompression. So you build muscle strength and increase your endurance (an hour session is like an hour of brisk walking) while keeping your joints open and flexible. Muscles become lean and supple, and fascia is restored to it’s original elastic, spring-like state.

After a class or private session, you leave with an understanding of the principles of healthy movement and how to apply them beyond your exercise routine. The way muscle and bone intersect, the way joints are formed–it’s all part of a very specific design meant to be efficient, stable and allow for the fullest range of motion. Often our habits–how we sit at our desk, how we get in and out of the car, simple things that we do every day–thwart that design, creating unnecessary tension that makes us susceptible to injury. When you use the body properly, throughout your day, you build resilience against injury and tension.

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