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Julie O’Day specializes in providing pain relief through manual therapy and movement education, treating musculoskeletal injury and disorder related to sudden trauma, surgery, or repetitive use. In addition to using a variety of manual techniques, she encourages clients to examine lifestyle and work habits that may be reinforcing the restrictive patterns that cause pain.

If you are in pain, my first priority is to get you out of it. But there is a wealth of potential change that can come along with pain relief: increased range of motion, a calmer nervous system, the ability to engage in life’s daily activities with greater ease. It is possible to regain flexibility, strength, and endurance that you may have thought lost. Whether your pain is chronic or the result of a recent injury, I will encourage you to think about how you want to feel beyond pain relief.

Paying attention. One of the hardest things to do is slow down long enough to notice your body. Am I clenching my teeth? Have I locked my hips? Are my shoulder blades rising up my back or down? Paying attention is one of the greatest challenges to becoming pain-free, but it’s these small details in the way that we live in our bodies that make such a difference. Most often, in my experience, it is not simply aging that causes pain. It is how we have used our bodies as we have aged. Even if the pain you are dealing with comes from a recent event, the compensation habits you’ve developed previously will play a part in how you heal.

Massage makes your body more available to change. Our bodies move according to the layers of patterning that have developed in our brain and tissue, often to compensate for past pain, tension, and injury. Those patterns are generally unconscious but powerful and can add to pain and discomfort. It takes a conscious choice to change them. Restrictions in the tissue can get in the way, making it harder to establish new, positive habits of use. I manipulate the soft-tissue structures of the body in order to soften the grip of those restrictions and in some cases release them altogether.

As a messenger. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is out of balance. It is normal to look at pain as something happening to you that is out of your control, but often we are doing things we are not aware of that contribute to it. Gaining that awareness, of your body and how it functions normally and abnormally, is key to getting out of pain.

Single session: $95
4-session package: $360

NOTE: The full fee may be charged for a private session if it is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or in the event of a “no show”. Please contact us in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule a session. Thank you!

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