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Pilates is an exercise system designed to improve strength, posture, flexibility, and breath control. Using precise movements, Pilates focuses on activating small, internal muscle groups to achieve core strength and overall well-being. It can be practiced on a mat or on specialized equipment like the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrel. Pilates can be customized to accommodate individual needs, making it an ideal exercise for those with injuries or physical limitations. A private lesson is highly recommended for new students before moving into a group class.

Pilates Circuit with Allison
This class incorporates Pilates principles using mixed equipment in a circuit format. Students use the springboard, Exo-chair, mat work, and small props to gain core strength, postural awareness, and flexibility in a supportive environment. This class is suitable for those with some pilates or movement experience and generally injury-free.

Private Group Equipment with Allison
This four-person class builds on Pilates principles and emphasizes postural awareness, core strength, breath, and flexibility using the springboard and exo-chair for added resistance and feedback. Please contact Allison to inquire about availability.

Mat Pilates with Heather
This class will focus on postural awareness, core strength, and flexibility using one’s own body weight and/or small props on the mat. This class is suitable for those with some pilates or movement experience and generally injury-free.

Movement-based Mindfulness with Heather
A movement experience focused self-compassion and empowerment. Drawing from pilates, somatic movement, and creative process this class invites you to explore choice and potential through metaphor and movement–in a judgement free zone. *Formerly titled Creative Self-Care

Chair-based Pilates with Heather
Uses seated and standing work combined with Neuro-Movement to establish balance, strength and movement resilience.

Drop-in: $15
10 Forever Class Package: $120
10 sessions, package NEVER expires, can be used for each instructor’s Pilates classes. Non-refundable.

Single session: $80
Duet (GYROTONIC or Pilates): $50 per person
Trio (GYROTONIC or Pilates Springboard/chair): $40 per person

*Note that you are welcome to purchase a group of sessions to save on writing a check or remembering cash each time, but no package discount will be given.
*Private sessions are by appointment only, and use the Reformer, Tower, Chair, Barrel, or other equipment. Click Allison or Heather to schedule.
*To learn more about Heather and HVS Movement Studies, go to heathervaughansouthard.com.

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