Strength in Motion® is a unique workout designed to build strength and endurance and improve balance and coordination. It trains more than muscle. It trains fluid, powerful, balanced movement that is stable and accessible in those unexpected moments when you need it the most.

Like all O’Day Manual and Movement Therapy classes, it stresses movement that is generated from a strong core and directed out through the rest of the body evenly and with awareness. Using small, weighted batons swung rhythmically, students move through the body’s full range of motion. Strength in Motion® develops movement that is easy on the joints and restorative for muscles and connective tissue.

With Strength in Motion®, you train for strength and balance within the context of great form. Healthy body mechanics are not an afterthought – they’re the goal, allowing you to take what you learn in class and practice it safely the rest of the week.

Batons come in a variety of weights; students are matched to the weight and movement modifications that are appropriate to their fitness level. Students age 18 to 80 have successfully participated in our classes.

Strength in Motion®, developed by Julie O’Day, is based on principles of healthy movement found in yoga, Alexander Technique and Gyrotonic® Training.

Drop-in: $15
10 Forever Class Package: $120
10 sessions, package NEVER expires, can be used for all GYROKINESIS® and Strength in Motion classes. Non-refundable.
Double Time Class Package: $80
8 sessions, expires one month from purchase, can be used for all GYROKINESIS® and Strength in Motion® classes. Non-refundable.

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Strength in Motion®