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"They really are interested in individuals assuming responsibility for their health - giving them tools to take care of their health - they’re good at encouraging that person to step up to the plate. I’m 63 and for me, [GYROTONIC Training] is the best way to keep flexible in my joints, it’s the best way. And it’s fun - like dancing."  K.M.

"Welcoming, professional, warm...I would rate them very highly on...expertise, knowledge-based, evidence-based approach..."  M.K.

"It’s very professional, clean, effective space...I go in there knowing good things are going to happen." D.P.

"Comfortable, welcoming place with teachers who are well-trained and encouraging and supportive...we’re working on the core of what it means to be alive...[it] brings me hope." J.B.

"...a warm and pleasant place to be, working with someone I trust...nurturing, caring, growth, self-care, humor..."  R.R.

"I appreciate their commitment, services, people. That they stay current through their own training and education." A.V.

"friendly, clean, very flexible - you can buy a package and they don’t expire, you can use them according to your schedule...adaptive - if you can’t do something they work with you to adapt it."  R.M.

"I’m not into going to a gym or taking exercise classes, so it feels good to find an environment where I feel comfortable and engaged enough to keep going and it’s because of the people there...Julie spearheads it very well...I go for what it does for my body but also for that sense of community."  S.K.

“Julie is focused, extremely well-educated, curious and gifted and is an amazing problem-solving partner, she’s individualized everything’s she’s done with me, we’ve had a lot of fun and we’ve grown together, I never thought I’d feel this well.”  T.S.

"I feel whenever I go, I’m satisfied with what happens, fulfilled with what they’re trying to teach me. I feel invigorated and wrung out when I’m through, but it's worth it, and I go back every week looking forward to it...[they] make me aware that I can move in ways I don’t normally, then in my day-to-day I think of what they’ve taught. I feel more physical and more healthy."  K.B.

"I love Julie. She has worked wonders relieving pain in massage, Very patient learning how to do the tower, I see great improvement in being more agile and stretching and she’s taught me different ways to walk, a great asset to my life."  S.D.

"Supportive, helpful, beyond average, fun! I’ve known Julie for quite a while and she understands my goals and she’s passionate about helping people improve themselves." B.C.

"...a place to keep the structure of my body functioning well...kept my bone and muscle structure intact as that of a younger person of 77 years...very focused on individual needs; nothing rote...it exudes vitality - the whole program!"  J.M.

"Initially, when I started Julie's classes, I was interested in increasing my range of motion and flexibility in my neck and spine. After attending once a week for several months, I have noticed a significant improvement. An unexpected benefit of these weekly sessions is the increased bladder control that is a result of all the deep pelvic work Julie leads us through. I highly recommend this class to any adult of any age."  S.M.

"a very fine program, very reliable, always focusing on the students’ improvement and benefits they get from the program, a very helpful part of my life…they really care about their students."  P.Z.

"I am doing so much better since I started Gyro. Sore from gardening (my passion) but I’ve been able to do more outside this spring than I did in the past five years combined!"  L.D.

"a tremendous sense of body awareness...so I feel empowered. Learning and trusting in your body's learning capacity is physical, spiritual comfort with someone who is careful with your body, especially if you are someone with issues." C.P.

"...peaceful, clean and organized, welcoming...the exercise program [is] what my body needs to maintain vitality day to day...Julie is also my massage therapist - she’s been instrumental in helping me maintain mobility and basic quality of life - life-saving, especially with my bad knee."  K.F.


"It’s therapeutic, supportive, intelligent. I went through a period of not moving much, feeling depressed, they helped me excavate my body and redeem my sense of self. They’re fabulous." C.G.

"One-on-one attention even when you’re in a group, to articulate, to pro-actively learn about your strengths and physical being...one key word is mindfulness."  L.C.