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JULIE O’DAY, LMT, is the owner of O’Day Manual and Movement Therapy, a massage and craniosacral therapist, and certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® trainer. She specializes in chronic pain relief through movement and manual therapy, with a thorough understanding of anatomy, extensive experience in treating musculoskeletal pathologies, and years of study in Iyengar yoga, Alexander technique and GYROTONIC® Training.

Julie has been a clinical massage therapist since 1997. After completing her basic training at Lansing Community College and the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy, she traveled around the country with Michael Young’s Repetitive Use Injury Workshop as a teaching assistant, taught Sports Massage at LCC and private workshops focusing on treatment for repetitive use injuries. In 2012, she became a certified GYROTONIC® Trainer, bringing her manual work together with therapeutic movement to provide exceptional pain relief and injury rehabilitation. She opened O’Day Manual and Movement Therapy that same year. In 2016, Julie created Strength in Motion® classes, a new system of strength and balance training she continues to develop today. You can contact her at odaytherapy@gmail.com or 517-862-2451.


ALLISON WALACAVAGE discovered pilates and GYROTONIC® while looking for ways to strengthen the core and correct muscle imbalances as a dancer. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Holyoke College, she worked as a grant writer for arts and cultural organizations and taught Pilates on the side, eventually certifying in STOTT® Pilates in 2008. Looking to delve deeper into movement and break away from her desk job, Allison went on to certify in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® in 2010. Since then she has worked primarily in rehabilitation settings, designing post-rehab programs that emphasize movement re-education, functional movement, and mind-body awareness. You can contact her at allison.walacavage@gmail.com or 248-302-3743.


SHARON REYNOLDS, PT specializes in orthopedic physical therapy and helps her patients increase strength, decrease pain and improve their ability to move well. She brings 29 years of professional experience to her practice and follows a progressive, whole-body approach to patient treatment, training and recovery. Though she is versed in all aspects of orthopedic physical therapy, Sharon has a particularly strong interest in foot and ankle biomechanics – an interest that she developed after suffering a near fatal automobile accident in 1999 that severely injured her ankle and lower leg. Though doctors questioned whether she would ever walk again after her accident, she was determined not only to walk again but to return to high levels of athletic performance. Following recovery and rehabilitation from her accident, Sharon trained and returned to triathlon competition. She then transitioned into high-level road cycling for several years.

Sharon received her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Grand Valley State University in 1989 and spent her first three years working in in-patient neurologic rehabilitation. She then served for 16 years in outpatient physical therapy clinics as part of the Sparrow Health System and the Spine Center prior to giving birth to twin boys, Samuel & Quinton in 2008. Before joining O’Day Manual & Movement Therapy, Sharon served as a staff therapist for nine years at Mindful Movement & Physical Therapy, an integrated physical therapy/movement studio in East Lansing, Michigan. Her experience at MMPT helped to expand her knowledge and skill in treating and training the whole body using a wide array of Pilates principles and methods. When not treating patients, Sharon enjoys spending time with her husband and sons, usually engaging in some form of ‘physical/sport activity’ such as running, biking or gardening. You can contact her at sharonreynoldspt@gmail.com or 517-896-8731.O’Day Manual and Movement Therapy


DONNA CERVELLI, RYT 500, joined ODayMMT in January 2020. She offers a Breath Guided Yoga class on Wednesday evenings that utilizes gentle physical postures, pranayama (breath) techniques, and meditations. Practices are intended to help improve flexibility, balance, strength, and mental clarity. Emphasis is also placed on self-awareness of the gross to the more subtle body.

Donna has been practicing and studying with Viniyoga Teacher and Therapist Kathy Ornish (KO), founder of Good Space Yoga, for almost 20 years. She continues to study under guidance from KO and has been teaching locally since 2010. She received her 300-hour Advanced Viniyoga Foundations Program Certification from the American Viniyoga Institute in 2015. She also completed her 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Sangha Yoga under the direction of Karina Ayn Mirsky. Besides practicing yoga, Donna is a Professional Engineer and works for the State of Michigan with a focus on floodplain management. You can contact her at dcervelli@hotmail.com or 517-899-8820.



MACK, an Australian Labradoodle, joined the team at ODayMMT in March of 2019 and seamlessly fit himself into the bustle and flow of the studio from the start. With a calm, thoughtful disposition and trademark puppy charm, he brings joy and good humor to every human he meets. He can generally be found at Julie O’Day’s side as she moves throughout the building.

In his free time, Mack loves chewing on old bones and Bassett Hounds, windows that offer a long view, and any behavior that will get him a treat. His dreams for the future include agility training, adult meal portions and traveling the world as a service and therapy dog.
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